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Installation and commissioning instruction

1.Confirm the minimum gap between the base and the top cover, then measure the minimum distance between the cover and the base.

2.Make sure the COB(Connection panel Of the Balancer) and the COC(connection panel of the top cover) are parallel to each other. Please use the horizontal adjustment bolt or install the auxiliary washer.

3.According to the size of the base and top cover,making-off the COB and cutting.

4.Welding the COB, the base plate of top cover and the preassembled accessory together.

5.Confirm the welding strength then do the preliminary test.

5.1 Open the top cover to the position with maximum angle

5.2 For W10-W50, Rotate the torque adjuster to the opening direction,enhance the pre-torque and screw the bolts firmly.

For W70-W350, Rotate the torque adjuster into the adjustment hole in order of (1)-(2), fix and enhance the pre-torque.

5.3 Under the condition of protection, please close the top cover. Also it should be hold between 10°-20°smoothly, otherwise please retry the Step.5.2 again.

5.4 Welding and make sure the welding strength quality, rubbing down smoothly

6.Fine-tuning the opening cover angle (horizontal adjustment bolts) if need.

7.For it needs to keep opening statue or person need to operate into the lid during the working process. After the top cover is opened completely, fix the anti-dumping device into the anti-dumping port.