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Installation instructions for manhole open cover balancer

Author:JingJiang Woken Mechanical Co., Ltd Time:2023-06-19

1. Confirm that the manhole flange and the manhole cover are in a smaller gap, and measure the smaller distance between the cover and the base.

2. Keep the balancer base connecting piece parallel to the upper cover connecting piece. (Method: adjust the horizontal adjustment bolt and add 2mm auxiliary gasket at the joint)

3, according to the measurement size of the balancer connection sheet line. Cut. (Larger cutting distance will cut the positioning hole)

4. Insert the cut balancer into the manhole cover and spot weld the strip. Ensure strength.

5. Unscrew the nut with the cap, and make the other side of the ratchet free from the bite, open the cover to a larger position, rotate the ratchet nut in the direction of the open cover (generally rotate 4 teeth first) to increase prestress, and press the nut with the cap under the prestress state to make the ratchet bite. In the protected state, close the manhole cover so that it and the manhole flange can easily stay between 10°-20° (if it cannot keep the cover and flange easily stay between 10°-20° repeat the above operation to adjust the number of rotating teeth), and continue to press the cap nut (1/4 turn) to adjust the tetrafluoron damping.

6, strength welding. Horizontal adjustment bolts can be adjusted according to actual conditions. Achieve the desired effect.